A tailored report for your property

We carry out detailed surveys of your residential or commercial property, that help you act in your best interests.

Building Survey

A Building Survey is a detailed inspection of the property that will provide a full report on defects and the suggested repairs. We are commissioned to carry out Building Surveys on both residential and commercial properties, usually for pre-purchase or pre-letting situations. Unlike other surveying services, we do not carry out Home Buyers Reports. A typical Home Buyers Report will provide you with an overview of things you need to know, and will not drill down into the level of detail or personalisation that we believe is needed for our clients to make an informed decision.

Schedule of Condition

For commercial clients, we can also be commissioned to carry out a Schedule of Condition prior to your Lease starting. This is usually recommended by solicitors and will examine and assess the condition of the property, and record relevant existing damage or defects. The resulting document can be used by solicitors to restrict responsibilities for repairs to a tenant under a tenancy or Lease agreement.

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Independent, expert valuations

Our registered team have over 30 years of experience carrying out residential and commercial valuations in the South and East Essex.


We provide independent valuation services to a wide range of business and for all types of commercial property. Whether your reasons are financial or otherwise, our FRICS-accredited valuer can provide a comprehensive service for your business.


Valuations of residential dwellings can be required for a number of circumstances, including probate, matrimonial issues, remortgaging or other financial purposes. Whatever your reason, our team have a wealth of experience acting for residential clients throughout South and East Essex.

Lease Extensions

If you’re looking to extend the Lease on your property, our team are qualified to carry out Lease extension premium valuations to assist in the negotiations.

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Lease Extensions

Lease Extension and acquisition of freehold

Acting for freeholders and leaseholders, as well as residents looking to achieve enfranchisement, we understand both sides of the argument and have the insight needed to act in the very best interests of our clients.


Once the leasehold of a property falls below 80 years, it becomes less valuable and increasingly difficult to sell. If you’re concerned about the marketability of your leasehold interest, we can provide the valuation to assist in you exercising your right to a 90-year Lease Extension.


We can work with freeholders to ensure an appropriate sum is received when the leasehold is extended. We provide valuations to assist in the negotiated purchase price and can appear at tribunal to give evidence to support the final purchase price when the situation dictates.


Flat owners have the right to group together to buy the freehold of their properties. If you’re a leaseholder considering this, or a freeholder looking to obtain maximum value from your freehold, our professional services department can provide valuations and evidence at tribunals for either party, and are regularly recommended by local solicitors and other estate agents.

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Party Wall Act

Independent supervision on Party Wall matters

Often appointed by those carrying out work or their neighbours, we provide an independent service to administer the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 procedure.

What is the Party Wall etc. Act 1996?

General Party Wall legislation has existed since the Fire of London to ensure that the capital was rebuilt exactly as it stood before the blaze. Since then there have been a number of London Building Acts that control everything to do with Party Wall procedure in the City. In 1996 these Acts were extended to the entire country in order to reduce disputes and keep small arguments between Parties out of the Courts.

When might you need to act?

There are numerous elements of construction work that will require Notice to be served under the Party Wall procedure. The most common include:

  • Excavation for and construction of foundations at a depth deeper than your neighbour’s foundations within 3m or 10ft of your neighbour’s foundations.
  • The cutting into a party structure. This is common during a loft conversion
  • The creation of a new wall where one previously did not exist on a line of junction. This is common when an extension is built to the boundary line and access is needed to a neighbour’s property to finish work.

How can we help?

We can act as a Surveyor representing the person organising the development, know as the Building Owner, we can represent the neighbour, known as the Adjoining Owner, or we can act as an Agreed Surveyor independently of both Parties.

Through the relevant stages of the development, we will ensure that notifiable works are administered within the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, serving notice to neighbours where necessary and working with all parties involved to ensure the best outcome.

When it comes to dealing with neighbours, we take a personal approach, introducing ourselves and helping them to understand your development and the impact it may have on them. More often than not this results in a cordial agreement between all parties involved – meaning the development can be completed without delay.

Once the development has been finished, we will go back to check that everything is in order and assist in the organisation of resolution where needed.

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Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

Professional rental valuations of your property

Primarily a commercial concern, our expert valuer can be appointed by tenants and landlords to provide an independent valuation on most types of commercial property.

Rent Reviews

When a rent review is due, it is vital to retain the services of a professional surveyor to ensure a fair settlement and that the many pitfalls that can occur are avoided. Acting for both landlords and tenants, we use a measured and impartial approach to rent reviews to deliver an accurate settlement for both parties.

Lease Renewals

Our experienced Chartered Surveyors can negotiate the rental and other general terms of a Lease Renewal. Most commercial property tenants have a right to renewal if the previous Lease is protected under Statute.

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Preparation of schedules by a chartered surveyor

Acting for both landlords and tenants, our Chartered Surveyors are experienced in the preparation of Schedules of Condition and Dilapidations for commercial and residential properties.

Schedules of Dilapidations

Usually prepared close to the end of a Lease, Schedules of Dilapidations are a detailed report usually on a commercial property, setting out items of disrepair and works to remedy in accordance with the terms of the Lease. Schedules are often costed at the end of a Lease.

While usually instigated by Landlords of commercial properties, we are also able to act on behalf of tenants and on residential properties.

Through careful consideration of the Lease documentation and inspection of the property, our Chartered Surveyor can produce a Schedule of Dilapidations that is more than sufficient for negotiations to occur between Landlord and tenants and ensure that compensation is made and the property is repaired to the correct condition.

Schedules of Condition

Completed just before the start of a new Lease of a vacant property, a Schedule of Condition is a detailed review of the existing condition of the property. Typically acting for tenants, our examination can record pre-existing defects, which can then be used by a solicitor to restrict repairing responsibilities for a Tenant under a new Tenancy or Lease agreement.

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Building Disputes

Expert advice and representation

When you have a dispute, whether it’s with a neighbour or with construction professionals, we provide expert representation to help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

Here to help with any dispute

We appreciate that building disputes can occur between family, neighbours, clients and contractors for a number of reasons. That’s why we provide a comprehensive service to help resolve any property dispute or refer the matter to a specialist where necessary. So whether it’s a matrimonial dispute over the value of a property, or a party wall issue, Hair & Son can provide the specialist advice and representation you need.

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Head of Professional services

Head of professional services

Laurence Cox MRICS

As one of the firm’s Partners and a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Laurence’s career spans over 28 years, he has a wealth of experience working in both private practice and the corporate sector. With a first class degree in Real Estate Management, Laurence is well positioned to lead the Commercial Department to success.

Under his leadership the department carries out work in more areas than ever before. Not only does this mean that we have one of the most experienced and varied professional surveying departments in the area, we also benefit from understanding the full spectrum of professional services.

Meet the rest of the team

Nearly a century
of experience

Hair & Son have been carrying out surveying work since the firm began trading in 1922. Throughout this period, the department has gone from strength to strength, even during the war when Frederick Hair remained in Southend after the evacuations to carry out Schedules of Condition on behalf of the armed forces.

Acting for residents, landlords and businesses

By carrying out work on both residential and commercial properties, and acting on behalf of private clients, businesses, landlords and tenants, we are in a unique position of being able to understand how each party views the situation, and act accordingly in the best interests of our clients.

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