When will this Brexit debate finally end?

This heading is really asking the question “Is 2019 a “balanced” market? For both buyers and Sellers?”

At Hair & Son we have seen a considerable change in the local market over the last few months. It is still very possible to sell well, as many of our clients have seen, but it is nothing like as easy as it was 12 months ago. This may well be because of the considerable change in house price movement. A year ago, prices were rising close to 1% per month; they are now rising at much closer to 1% a year so, not surprisingly, buyers are thinking once, twice or three times before taking the plunge.

It is now more important than ever to receive the right advice on price and prepare a suitable, well thought out, marketing strategy. Agents can no longer rely on OnTheMarket and Rightmove to automatically come up with a host of buyers. Buyers can often only now need to be found through hard work, strong local knowledge and a proper marketing strategy. The days of the internet only marketing route is well and truly over, for now, but we estate agents have also needed to change the way we work and can no longer rely on the e-market to do all the work for us.

Having said all that, I was amazed to see one agent advertising in the paper last week with almost every property having a “New price” sticker on it. What “New price” really means is failed, failed and failed again. In this market, more than at any time in the last 10 years, sellers need to get EVERYTHING right first time and that includes the price. These days sellers can often find that, with the right resources, the agent will get the property in front of 90% of buyers within hours. Get it wrong there and you can find yourself waiting and waiting till your agent calls you, only then to persuade you to reduce your asking price. By then of course most of the buyers will have moved on.

The really good news about this changing market is that it is getting easier to buy. Most sellers are buyers as well so these changes are not all bad!

I do hope that by the next time I set pen to paper we will all have a better idea where the country I heading?

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