Maximise Kerb Appeal and Sell Your House

Whether you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, or it’s up for sale but not getting much attention, increasing its kerb appeal may be the best way to attract a buyer.

What’s Kerb Appeal? 

When your estate agent speaks of kerb appeal, he or she means the great initial impression buyers will get when they set eyes on your home for the first time. Imagine potential purchasers pulling up out front, gazing over the garden and drive to your house itself. What might their reactions be?

Make It Desirable

If you really want to snag an attractive buyer, garnering great first impressions is essential. Unfortunately, many fantastic houses are overlooked by buyers too quick to dismiss them, simply because the first glance wasn’t satisfactory. Don’t discourage buyers before they’ve even made it through the door!

The best thing you can do to ensure great kerb appeal is to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. Walk across the street and survey your home from a different vantage point. What criticisms could be made? What have you overlooked because you’re so used to seeing it every day?

You can achieve great kerb appeal by paying attention to detail. From your roof to your paint, your shrubbery to your mailbox, you can’t afford to miss a thing.

The Essentials

Structural Issues: The first thing to look at with a critical eye is any sign of structural issues. Do you see any cracks on the walls? Is there sagging along the roof? Are any corners bowing in or outwards?

This will usually depend on the age of your home, but if you have any cause for concern, make sure to call in a professional to take a closer look and address it.

Roofing: Next, you should double check the roof. Are any tiles loose or missing? Are you able to secure them, or should the professionals be called in for repairs? Roof issues, like structural damage, can give cause to worry about more than just kerb appeal. On the other hand, sometimes small damage looks serious and can put buyers off when it’s actually no big deal.

Paint: Cast an eye over your house and consider the condition of the paint job. Are your weatherboards fading? Trim peeling? Paint is a major factor in achieving great kerb appeal, and even a worn out paint job on a picket fence can put buyers off.

Garden: It should go without saying that a well-maintained garden is essential for attracting a purchaser. Nothing elaborate is needed, just neatly trimmed grass and shrubbery and tidy beds. Overgrown trees, flower beds full of weeds and tall grass will immediately illicit a negative response in most people. 

Driveway: Whether your drive is tarmac, brick, stone or gravel, it also deserves some attention. Driveways made of paving stones or bricks should be cleared of weeds. Those made of tarmac should be checked to ensure there are no large cracks. And gravel driveways should be cleared of weeds and raked to ensure they’re smooth. 

Outdoor Lighting: It’s imperative that you check the condition of all outdoor lighting. From front door lights to those lining your walkway, ensure the bulbs give off a consistent amount of light and that none are burned out.

Windows: Of course, any broken windows should be repaired and not boarded up. Furthermore, windows should be cleaned to make a great impression both from the kerb and the inside, when viewers are looking out at what might be their next property.

The Extra Mile

If you’re really keen to make even more of an effort, there are a few additional steps you could take to snag a buyer with your kerb appeal. Pressure washing your drive, walkway and any stone or brickwork is a great idea. You could also put away your rubbish bins.

Finally, make an extra effort with the area around your front door. Painting the exterior of the door a distinctive colour and including bold pots bursting with flowers are finishing touches that won’t go unnoticed.

We Can Help

If you want to sell your home in Essex and aren’t sure what needs doing to make a great impression, get in touch with us. We can advise just what viewers are most likely to notice, enabling you to make decisions on which aspects are worth tackling to attract buyers.

Join us on Facebook, where we can continue the conversation about maximising your kerb appeal.

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