How to Upgrade your Kitchen in Six Cost-effective Ways

With its multifunctional use, the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of many homes. As such, a new kitchen can add around 5% extra value to a property. With kitchens used for cooking, eating, socialising and relaxing, an up-to-date kitchen that creates an inviting focal point is what many buyers are looking for. However, achieving added value through an updated kitchen doesn’t always require ripping out your existing installation and replacing it with an entirely new fitting. There are many ways you can update this space and still add value without purchasing a completely new kitchen. 

Cabinet doors

Updating cabinet doors and handles is an easy way to uplift the look of any kitchen. If your doors are wooden and outdated, it is easy to update them by simply removing the doors and giving them a sand down and a fresh lick of paint or a wood stain – immediately improving the look. Carefully match the paint to the worktops to ensure a complementary match. If your cabinet doors can’t be painted and the actual carcass of the kitchen is in good condition, you could consider just purchasing brand new doors. Perhaps glass panelled doors allowing you to display your favourite glasses or china could create the illusion of more space. However you update your doors, focusing on this one area of your kitchen alone can make it look as though you have a brand new kitchen. 


Unfortunately, simply repainting your worktops like you can your kitchen doors isn’t a good option. However, there are a range of different materials available for kitchen worktops to suit every budget, from laminate and timber to marble. Updating your worktops can breathe new life into your kitchen so renewing this area is certainly a worthwhile investment. 


The sink is one of the most frequently used features in the kitchen. As it is prone to a lot of wear and tear, replacing an old sink would create a clean and modern look. There are various types available depending on your style and you could consider a ceramic butler sink for a popular country feel, or if you want to create a more contemporary look, a stainless-steel sink could do the trick. If you wanted a statement piece, a copper sink could be the answer, however these can be fairly costly so consider your budget to ensure your upgrade is worth it. Even more simply, you could just consider replacing your current taps. Always keep in mind the character of your kitchen as the sink must be in keeping. 


With hundreds of styles to choose from, new wall tiling can help refresh your kitchen. With a range of options available, tiling can be used to make a statement or simply freshen up a look. If your tiles are in good condition, re-grouting or painting will make them look refreshed and stand out more. 


We all spend a lot of time on our feet in the kitchen so make sure the flooring works for you and looks the part. An updated tiled floor can create a stylish and classic look that can transform a kitchen space. Laminate flooring and vinyl are more inexpensive ways of refreshing the flooring style of your kitchen making it more appealing to potential buyers. 


Keeping kitchen walls clean is always a challenge so using washable paint or paper is a must. A simple lick of fresh paint on the walls can brighten the kitchen significantly. White and muted colours such as grey, blue and green are timeless, giving your kitchen a renewal that lasts. If you’re feeling daring and want to make a statement, a bold colour or eye-catching wallpaper could bring your kitchen to life, but it might not appeal to all who view it.   


Always ensure the price bracket of your kitchen reflects the price bracket of your home.

By Anita Hair

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